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Worth Education is home to professional tutors, offering one-on-one customized college test preparation services since 1990.

From college entrance exams through the college application process – we’ve got you covered!

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We’ve got you covered from college entrance exams through the college application process!

SAT & ACT Prep

SAT/ACT exam preparation is the key to college admission and merit-based scholarships. Our experienced tutors and customized study plans result in our students being regularly admitted to their first-choice schools. Our students are regularly admitted to their first-choice schools. In Florida, close to 100% of our students receive the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.

College Application Help

At Worth, we help simplify the daunting college admission process by assisting students in honing in on the schools that are right for them. We encourage students to take ownership of their college planning together. We create timelines and deadlines that keep students on track!

College Essay Writing

College application essays can make or break a student’s prospects for success.  Thoroughly experienced and highly skilled, we tailor our services to meet our students’ needs, assisting with any or all aspects of the writing process.



Learn How We Do It!

  • TEST PREP – Students typically work one-on-one with our tutor, who customizes the curriculum to accommodate the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
  • We understand the ins and outs of the test – the most relevant and most tested content and the foundation of those concepts.
  • We use only official SAT & ACT materials.
  • Students receive custom homework.
  • Students work one-on-one, 60-minute sessions.
  • Small group options available.
  • In-person & virtual sessions are available.
  • Homework regularly assigned.
  • Mock tests offered in actual conditions.

Helping Students Get Admission To Their Desired College

High School is a stressful time for many students, and test prep can add to the stress. At Worth we strive to mentally and emotionally prepare students for the tests. We help students master content and time management while also growing in confidence, resiliency, and ability to focus. We do this by familiarizing students with the material, test-day expectations, and present minded awareness. Test anxiety can be debilitating. Our students learn the ability to focus on the current question without worrying about past or future questions or the meaning of the test as a whole in their lives. Each student may have different concerns. We understand how to connect with our students to teach them the necessary tools for their unique situation.

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Experienced tutors train students under testing conditions.


  • We are SAT and ACT Test Prep experts and have earned the reputation to back up that claim. The majority of our students attend top local Palm Beach County Schools.


  • Worth Education has been providing top-notch SAT & ACT preparation for high school students for the past 30 plus years. Our students often come referred from their family and friends, which is a great source of pride for us at Worth.


  • Worth Education enables students to take ownership of their college planning and deadlines by putting everything needed for college planning in one place.

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“ I am so thankful for your tutoring and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get SAT’s over with fast and get a good score the first time around.  Most kids aren’t “one and done”, but I was.  All the tips and strategies and mock tests really worked. ”

_Benjamin Student,

“ Thank you so much for helping my son pass his APUSH class.    He had never passed a single test until he started tutoring; now he’s passing them all.  Hoping for a 4 on the actual test.  Thank you, Kathryn. ”

_Dreyfoos Parent,

“ Working with Carole has been the best decision of my college process.  As my parents brought home book after book of ACT AND SAT (yeah, both!) I was getting crazy worried and crazy stressed.  Then a friend of my dad’s told us about you and that changed everything for me.  Seriously I hope people read this and send their kids to you. ”

_Oxbridge Student,

“After three months with you guys, I took my last ACT in February and blew it away.  Got a 33.  Decided not to try for a 34.  I’m done but I’ll miss all of you.  You are a fun bunch of tutors.”

_Jupiter HS Student,

“ My son got extended time for ACT and SAT thanks to Worth!  I hadn’t known that such an accommodation even existed let alone apply for it.  What a difference.  Reading score went up the most from 21 to 33 and that’s the honest truth.  Now I know why half of his school goes to you for tutoring.  Thank you so much.  ”

_Cardinal Newman Parent,


Prepare Yourself for Florida Bright Future Scholarships

The Florida Bright Futures scholarship, funded by the Florida Lottery, covers up to 100% of the cost of college tuition for Florida students who plan to continue their education in the state. Almost 100% of students who study at Worth attain some of this scholarship.

Take advantage of the opportunity to complete your degree without financial restraints.

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