√ Diagnostic Testing: SAT versus ACT
As a critical first step on the path to the highest possible test scores, students take a 3-hour diagnostic test, one whose results are invaluable in determining which test is best for a particular student.


√ Plan of Study
We customize our program for maximum score increase.


​√ Mock Testing: Preparing for the Big Day
When training is nearly complete, and test date approaches, students gather at our center to take a real test given under actual testing conditions, administered by an experienced proctor.​

Create your own class

We will work with you and a group of your friends to create a class that fits your needs.

To learn more ad/or to sign up, call us at 561 460-4443

The majority of our students are referred to us, many of whom attend the following schools:


  • Alexander Dreyfoos School Of The Arts​
  • The Benjamin School
  • Cardinal Newman High School​
  • William T. Dwyer High School
  • ​Oxbridge Academy
  • Suncoast High School​
  • Jupiter High School

Get the SAT/ACT score you deserve!

Experienced tutors train students in actual testing conditions.


Benjamin Student

“ I am so thankful for your tutoring and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get SAT’s over with fast and get a good score the first time around.  Most kids aren’t “one and done”, but I was.  All the tips and strategies and mock tests really worked. ”


Dreyfoos Parent

“ Thank you so much for helping my son pass his APUSH class.    He had never passed a single test until he started tutoring; now he’s passing them all.  Hoping for a 4 on the actual test.  Thank you, Kathryn. ”


Oxbridge Student

“ Working with Carole has been the best decision of my college process.  As my parents brought home book after book of ACT AND SAT (yeah, both!) I was getting crazy worried and crazy stressed.  Then a friend of my dad’s told us about you and that changed everything for me.  Seriously I hope people read this and send their kids to you. ”


Jupiter HS Student

“After three months with you guys, I took my last ACT in February and blew it away.  Got a 33.  Decided not to try for a 34.  I’m done but I’ll miss all of you.  You are a fun bunch of tutors.”


Cardinal Newman Parent

“ My son got extended time for ACT and SAT thanks to Worth!  I hadn’t known that such an accommodation even existed let alone apply for it.  What a difference.  Reading score went up the most from 21 to 33 and that’s the honest truth.  Now I know why half of his school goes to you for tutoring.  Thank you so much.  ”