Diagnostic Testing: SAT versus ACT

Students often wonder which test is better for them to take. We offer a 3-hour diagnostic test that uses actual SAT & ACT questions to determine which test is better for each student. The test results will pinpoint the student’s strengths and weaknesses, which we utilize in customizing their plan of study.

Plan of Study

We customize our program for maximum score increase, using only official SAT & ACT materials. We are available to meet in person and virtually. We offer one-on-one hour-long sessions or meet in a small group. Students are assigned homework weekly and are invited to attend regularly scheduled mock tests before the big day. The curriculum is customized to accommodate the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style, focusing on the most relevant and most tested concepts and the foundation of those concepts.

Mock Testing: Preparing for the Big Day

When training is nearly complete and the test date approaches, students gather at our center to take a real test given under actual testing conditions, administered by an experienced proctor. The test results are discussed in subsequent sessions.

Prepare With Our Real SAT & ACT Materials & Resources

We utilize real SAT and ACT materials for homework and mock exams.

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Create Your Own Class

We will work with you and a group of your friends to create a class that fits your needs.

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Get the SAT/ACT score you deserve!

Experienced tutors train students in actual testing conditions.


Benjamin Student

“ I am so thankful for your tutoring and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get SAT’s over with fast and get a good score the first time around.  Most kids aren’t “one and done”, but I was.  All the tips and strategies and mock tests really worked. ”


Dreyfoos Parent

“ Thank you so much for helping my son pass his APUSH class.    He had never passed a single test until he started tutoring; now he’s passing them all.  Hoping for a 4 on the actual test.  Thank you, Kathryn. ”


Oxbridge Student

“ Working with Carole has been the best decision of my college process.  As my parents brought home book after book of ACT AND SAT (yeah, both!) I was getting crazy worried and crazy stressed.  Then a friend of my dad’s told us about you and that changed everything for me.  Seriously I hope people read this and send their kids to you. ”


Jupiter HS Student

“After three months with you guys, I took my last ACT in February and blew it away.  Got a 33.  Decided not to try for a 34.  I’m done but I’ll miss all of you.  You are a fun bunch of tutors.”


Cardinal Newman Parent

“ My son got extended time for ACT and SAT thanks to Worth!  I hadn’t known that such an accommodation even existed let alone apply for it.  What a difference.  Reading score went up the most from 21 to 33 and that’s the honest truth.  Now I know why half of his school goes to you for tutoring.  Thank you so much.  ”